Tips & Tricks for Ordering Customs

Have you ever day-dreamed of a bag that is both practical, functional, but also completely unique to your own style?
I believe that you should be able to have the option to create a piece that is all about you- from the way it fits into your lifestyle to the way it shows off your one of a kind personality.

Your custom Lifestyle Bag can now be designed from top to bottom through the shop and I've made the process as easy as possible.
Let me walk you through using this guide to get comfortable with the process so you can start designing your very special piece.

1. First things first!
What kind a bag are you looking for? Something for day-to- day? Something to adventure with? Your perfect park companion for hands-free mobility?
You can browse all of the available custom styles here.
Take a read through the listing to make sure the bag fits your needs and to learn about the specific things available for customization (these are all the things I need to know to make your bag just how you like it).
Don't let things like the "quantity needed" trip you up or confuse you- it helps me keep track of inventory!
Everything you need to order is in the listing description AND is hyperlinked to keep your design process flowing.

2. The best part:
I am a fabric snob and so to me, this part is the best! Pick out your focal fabric!
Your listing will tell you how much focal fabric is required for your bag style. Cruise through the focal listings and find your perfect focal fabric and select it in the quantity requested (this where that quantity comes in handy- if the listing does not have the amount you need available, there is not enough of it to make that bag style).
You can take a look at available fabrics here.

TIP * I've made it super easy to check the amount of fabric needed for the the various bag styles by adding it to the listing title. This way if you want to choose your focal fabric first, you can check how much of that fabric is available and what bag the quantities will pair with without having to click into each bag listing.*

3. Work your way through the list:
One at a time work down the listing's shopping list and add all of the necessary things to your cart. You can view all of the items in your cart together to get an idea of colors and patterns together.

Some bag styles include things like metal zippers in the cost while others do not. Each listing will clearly describe what is included in the price and what is an upgrade.

(Hot Tip: You can also use your bag listing in your cart to double check that everything is in your cart is in the correct quantity).

Your listing will also tell you what is included in the price of the bag, what would be considered an upgrade in price, what fabrics work or don't work, etc.

Need Help?
If you know for certain a few of components of your bag, but need help deciding on the rest, or if you like a surprise, add to your cart what you know for sure you would like along with the listing pictured below and leave the rest up to me! View the listing here.

4. Final Notes
If there are any followup questions regarding your order or if you missed a step I will reach out via e-mail asap. Please make sure your contact information is up to date! 📧
If you have any questions or if you're looking for suggestions, contact me through email or on IG @theellebeetree.

Customs take up to 14 business days and are a final sale. If any minor details are missed I will fill in the blanks on my end. Photos will be sent of your finished bag and shipping or pickup info!