Lining Fabrics

Choosing the perfect lining has never been easier. Whether you're looking for something spillproof, wipe able, or more taaditional, we have you covered. Learn about our options below.

Woven & Wonderful

Cotton lining, when used in bags, offers a practical and comfortable interior. Its soft and breathable texture ensures that the contents of the bag are protected. Cotton's natural fibers make it a great choice for items that come into contact with personal belongings, as it minimizes friction and potential damage.

Smooth & Lightweight

Spillproof Nylon's innovative spill-resistant properties provide a barrier against liquid penetration, safeguarding the bag's contents from accidental spills or rain. The lightweight nature of ripstop nylon ensures that the lining adds minimal weight, making it ideal for maintaining the bag's overall portability. The ripstop weave pattern enhances durability by preventing tears from spreading, adding longevity to the lining.

Robust & Sturdy

The sturdy and robust nature of Waterproof Canvas enhances the bag's structural integrity while providing a dependable barrier against potential wear and tear. Its waterproof properties create a reliable shield against moisture, ensuring extra protection. It has a textured feel, similar to canvas.