• Unique Approach

    My signature Lifestyle Bags are available in small batch shop updates, along with the creative opportunity to fully customize your own piece.

  • Standing out in the Crowd

    Starting with minimal, modern designs, I incorporate a polished playfulness into each piece that inspires happiness and imagination.

  • It's in the Details

    The gift that keeps giving. Every piece is handcrafted with subtle, soft spoken intricacies that I know you'll love discovering.

  • Intentional Design

    Function-Forward designs come alive with the use of high end supplies, clever combinations of texture and color, and a one of a kind flair.

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At the ElleBee Tree, my mission is to cultivate a space where quality craftsmanship meets individuality. I have curated a diverse collection of handcrafted bags and accessories, each designed with a touch of authenticity and inspired by real-life stories. Rooted in a commitment to celebrating authenticity, I strive to offer unique pieces that resonate with my customers' unique lifestyles. Through my dedication to quality and craftsmanship, I aim to foster a community where every purchase inspires people to be themselves and celebrate their personal style without compromise.

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  • Made in Canada

    Whether you're putting together a custom from the bottom up, or shopping for a ready-made item from a small batch release, know it was thoughtfully made by hand, using as many Canadian purchased supplies as possible, in my home studio located in Calgary, AB.

  • Meet the Maker

    A studio day is a day well spent! I love working with different textures and playing with unique color combinations and concepts. My favorite fabrics to swoon over have a floral, fungi or forest vibe. When I am not sewing you can catch me snuggling my bunny, Buddha.

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