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FAQs + Policies

What does ElleBee mean and what is a lifestyle bag?

ElleBee represents me, L.B!

Creativity should not exist within four walls. I have called my pieces
"Lifestyle Bags" because they're meant for real people with real lives.
They're functional and completely versatile. Cosmetics, travel, project bags, purse, clutch, backpacks... They all can be used by you in a way best suited for you and for your unique life!

Creative Liberties and Customs

I will review your custom order prior to making it and confirm everything I need is there.

To streamline this process you will not be shown a sample of your bag choices prior to production unless you've specifically requested this service via e-mail or in the checkout notes. I will only contact you prior to production if something major was missed, something was ordered incorrectly, if there is a quantity or supply issue, or I strongly feel something you have chosen will not work well with your piece. I will not contact you if minor customizations were missed (such as drawstring colors, zipper color, etc) and will exercise my creative liberties to choose for you.

Creative Liberties also include my choice to place things in a certain way to enhance features of the bag (ex: label placements). It also includes my best judgement for the slight variations in small features of the bag (ex: fabric for strap holders or rivet colors).

Screen to Screen Policy

Please remember that electronic screens vary in pigment, brightness and
saturation. I have tried my best to capture colors and textures in
different lighting with hopes they are accurately reflected. Subtle
differences may occur from on screen to in person. The ElleBee Tree is
not responsible for screen to screen differences.

Stock Levels and Customs

In an effort to bring the best selection of high quality options to the
table, I've opted to continue to order my supplies in smaller batches.
This often means when something is gone... it's gone. If you have your
heart set on a specific fabric or zipper my advice is to run, not walk! I
try my best to keep inventory accurate, however in the event something
is out stock, I will refer to the option you selected in your listing.

Can you describe the different fabrics you use?

Cotton is a fabric that has a soft hand feel, it is the most used fabric in bag making. When interfaced properly it easily holds shape and structure.

Canvas is similar to a cotton, however has a heavier weight and more textured feeling.

Waxed Canvas or Oilskin is a treated fabric with a waxed coating (typically over a heavier fabric like a mid weight canvas). It is water repellent and over time has a rugged and noticeable patina.

Dry Oilskin is a midweight fabric that has a matte finish (vs waxed) and has very minimal patina. It is also water repellent (water beads on the surface).

Faux Leather has a smooth finish with slight texture to resemble a leather like feel. It holds structure and shape well, is easy to wipe off, and is durable.

Genuine Cork is a natural product, mostly from Portugal. It too is durable and has a smooth-ish finish where very small amounts of texture scattered throughout.

Faux Cork is a vinyl product that is quite structured. Visually it looks identical to genuine cork- the main difference is it is completely smooth to the touch and has a bit more shine when light reflects off of it.

Shipping & Returns

Flat Rate Shipping is based on location and package weight. (Alberta rates are calculated due to the wide range of prices across the province that are less then flat rate mailers).

Free shipping is available in North America.

Processing times for customs and shipping times are different. Please allow 14 business days for your piece to be processed (made).

If you have ordered a custom piece and a ready-made item together, they will ship together when the custom is ready. If you would like it to ship ahead of time you will have to pay two separate shipping charges.

Shipping times vary and are completely outside of my control. Here is a guideline for estimated shipping times during non-peak mailing seasons:

Canada 3-14 business days
USA 7-25 business days
International 15-75 business days
I am not responsible for duties, VAT, or import fees. Please be aware of your countries policy on these fees.

Additionally shipping speeds are outside of my control. If your package's tracking has major concerns I will, of course, do everything possible on my end to find more details. If packages are marked as delivered but you did no receive your package, it is your responsibility to contact your post office to try and locate the item, or, if you think it has been stolen to complete a police report.
Only in the event a package gets lost in transit and enough time has passed for me to file an insurance claim, will you be refunded for lost package or have a replacement sent (after the claim has been approved).


All custom pieces and sale items are final sale.

I hope that you love your ready made items. If for some reason you are dissatisfied with your purchase upon immediate arrival (within 7 days) please contact me. We can arrange for an exchange or store credit. Items are not eligible for a refund or exchange if they do not arrive in the same condition they were received in and appear to be anything but un-used. The cost of the return is paid for by the customer. The original shipping cost will not be refunded.

Ready-Made items have a 45 day warranty if they are experiencing construction issues. For more details check out the Policy Page.

Forced returns will NOT be accepted nor refunded.

I have a specific issue with my bag.

While I take a lot of care in building these pieces to be both beautiful and functional, I am human. Rarely there are concerns regarding the construction of a piece, however, on the off chance you are experiencing an issue with the construction of your item there are a few options.

*You have 45 Days from the orders arrival date to contact me regarding these types of issues. After 45 Days they considered final sale. The reason for this is because after this time frame it is difficult to confirm the way the bag was used or cared for in ways that compromise the bag outside of typical use. *

After sending me a photo and message regarding the issue I will be able to determine our options.

If it is something you feel comfortable and capable to fix a percentage of the order will be refunded depending on the severity- you will have pieces shipped to you if they're needed for the repair

If it is fixable and you are uncomfortable to fix the issue, your piece can be mailed back to me (at your expense), I will repair the piece and ship it back (at my expense)

These terms apply to both customs and ready made pieces.

Do you offer local pickup?

Yes! Use code YYCPICKUP at checkout.

A few things to note:

1. Pickup is in SE Calgary.

2. You will be sent a pickup notification including location and instructions once your order is ready.

3. Please pick-up within two weeks of your pickup notification as storage space is very limited.

Coupon Codes & Sales

Unless otherwise noted coupon codes cannot be combined.

If you forget to use a coupon code at checkout, it will not be applied to open or fulfilled orders.

Sale Prices will not be applied to orders pre or post sale. They will not applied to orders where customer has forgotten to enter the code at checkout.

OMG- I entered the incorrect shipping address!

Mistakes happen!
If your item has not shipped please send me the updated info ASAP.

While I completely understand how easy it is for this happen, if the package has already shipped, there are only so many options I can offer on my end to accommodate the mistake and respect the limited resources of a small, home base business.

1. If/When your item is returned to me we can then have it arranged to ship to the correct address.
*Customer is responsible for the cost of the item to be re-shipped and any postal costs incurred by The ElleBee Tree for the returned package*

2. If you ordered a ready-made item (not custom), if/when the item is returned to me I can cancel and refund the order minus any postal costs incurred for the returned package & the original shipping cost.

Unfortunately if the item is not returned to me I am unable to proccess a return or free replacement.

I need help deciding on my custom piece.

I am happy to help! Please reach out via email or IG if you need help navigating the site or would like some suggestions for your custom piece.
You can also add the "Surprise Me" Listing to your cart to have me makes some choices on my end!

I want to order something custom that you don't have listed.

At this time I do not offer custom items outside of what is already listed online.

Part of offering customs is investing countless hours perfecting it so that I feel confident I can offer it as a custom. I do not offer custom pieces on items I do not regularly make because of the countless hours spent and supply cost that goes into pieces before they are, IMO, confidently customizable.

What is the best way to stay up to date on product launches?

The best way to stay in the loop on small batch and new product launches is through Instagram! Follow me @theellebeetree

How are items priced?

After years of toiling over every moment that goes into every piece, prices are determined using a specific calculation of time spent on each piece and square inches of fabric used.

Customs are priced on a base level with the options to upgrade the "ingredients" you wish to have used in your bag.

Where are these made?

Everything is hand crafted in my home studio in Calgary, AB.

How do I care for my new bag?

When in doubt, spot clean only.

Bags that include just cotton or canvas and a spillproof lining are machine washable. Use a mild detergent, wash on cool, reshape and rest or hang to dry.

Do you offer wholesale?

At this time, while I am re-vamping my business structure I will not be offering wholesale.

What is the best way to reach you?

Feel free to contact me via the Contact page of the website or via DM through Instagram (@theellebeetree)

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